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3 PM42L-048   Step Motor

pm PM42L-048 UNIT: mm Note: See page 38 for options on mounting holes (H) and lead wire exit angle ( ) Model Specifications Reference Characteristics Motor Size No. of Steps per Rotation Drive Method Drive Circuit Drive Voltage Current / PHASE Coil Resistance / PHASE Drive IC Magn
datasheet PM42L-048 pdf
2 PM42L-048-17   Wantai Mini Stepper

Wantai Mini Stepper Product Specifications PM42L-048-17 General Specifications Item Step Accuracy Temperature Rise Ambient Temperature Insulation Resistance Dielectric Strength Specification ±7% 80°C Max -20°C~+50°C 100MΩ Min., 500VDC 500 VAC for one minute Electrical Specifications Model No
datasheet PM42L-048-17 pdf
1 PM42L-048-HHC9   Standard PM Step Motors

Standard PM Step Motors PM42L-048- HHC9 Step Angle: 7.5° Model Specifications Model: Shaft Length: Wire Length: Wire Holder: Front Plate: Electrical: PM42L-048-HHC9 12mm 300mm fly lead (no connector) 90 deg. Left FPH 24V, 600mA Bipolar Constant Current 7 ohms, MS70M NMB Technologies Corporation -
datasheet PM42L-048-HHC9 pdf

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Número de pieza Descripción Fabricantes PDF

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