Datasheet MZ72-18RM Equivalent ( PDF )

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PTC THERMISTOR FEATURES * High ageing cofficient * Superior withstanding voltage oxidation-resistance CHARACTERISTICS Current-Time Curve Resistance-Temperature Curve HOW TO ORDER MZ ① 2 ② ① PTC Thermistor 1 ③ L ④ 201 ⑤ ② 7 9 2 3 4 Product style Degaussing P~ S
datasheet MZ72-18RM pdf
1 MZ72-18RM270   Encased single-element PTC thermistor

Shenzhen DXM Technology Co., Ltd Specification&Part no. Rated Zero Power Resistance R(N)(Ω) 4.5±30% 7±30% 9±20% 10±20% 12±20% 14±20% 18±20% 20±20% 27±20% PTC thermistor Encased single-element PTC thermistor for degaussing of colour TV,colour monitor chromoscope-MZ72 series Current Atten
DXM Technology
DXM Technology
datasheet MZ72-18RM270 pdf

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Número de pieza Descripción Fabricantes PDF

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