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1I3002Power Factor Correction

IP3002 / I3002 Power Factor Correction DESCRIPTIONS It is adaptable to a discontinuous mode of operation that the IP3002 is PFC (Power Factor Correction) controller for the high density switching mode power supply and electronic ballast systems. The bulky external components are
Interpion semiconductor
Interpion semiconductor
datasheet I3002 pdf

ILLUMI A T 北極光企業有限公司 PRODUCT SPECIFICATIO FOR LCM CUSTOMER: MODEL O: ACCEPTED BY: I3002-7IX 2440A APPROVED BY: 2008.10. 27 隆茂生 CHECKED BY: 2008.10. 27 贺秋芳 ORGA IZED BY: 2008.10.27 贺秋芳 ▓Approval for Specifications Only □Approval for Specifications and Sampl
datasheet I3002-7IXN2440A pdf

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