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Descripción Fixed-Frequency Flyback Controller
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The Future of Analog IC Technology
The HFC0310 is a flyback contro ller with fixed-
frequency operation.
The controller uses p eak current mode to
provide exc ellent transient response and ease
loop compensation. W hen the ou tput power
falls below a given level, the cont roller enters
burst mod e to lower the stand-by power
An external capacitor connected between the
FSET pin and GND programs the HFC031 0
switching fr equency. Otherwise, th e HFC0310
uses a frequency shaping function that greatly
reduces the noise level, and reduces the cost of
the EMI filter.
The HFC0 310 provides various protection s,
such as the rmal shutdown, V CC un der-voltage
lockout, o ver-load p rotection, over-voltage
protection, and short-circuit protection.
The HFC0310 is available in a SOIC8 package.
Flyback Controller
Programmable switch ing frequency up to
Frequency shaping (±3.5%)
Current-mo de operation
Very low start-up current (12μA)
Very low standby power consumption via
active-burst mode
Internal 350ns leading-edge blanking
Built-in 3ms soft-start function
Internal slope compensation
Built-in PRO pin pull-up (>3.25V) auto-
restart function
Over-te mperature protection
V CC under-voltage lockout with hysteresis
Over-voltage protection on VCC
Time-based over-load protection
Short-circuit protection
Power Meters
Switching Mode Power Supplies
AC/DC Adapters, Switching Chargers
All MPS parts are lead-free and adhere to the RoHS directive. For MPS green
status, please visit MPS website under Quality Assurance.
“MPS” and “The Future of Analog IC Technology” are Registered Trademarks of
Monolithic Power Systems, Inc.
HFC0310 Rev. 1.01
MPS Proprietary Information. Patent Protected. Unauthorized Photocopy and Duplication Prohibited.
© 2012 MPS. All Rights Reserved.

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HFC0310 pdf
Pin #
2 V CC
3 NC
4 Drv
5 CS
8 FB
Switching Co nverter F requency Set. Con nect a capa citor to GND to set the switchi ng
frequency up to 600kHz.
Supply Voltage. Connect to a 47μF bulky capacitor and a 0.1μF ceramic capacitor for most
applications. When VCC rises to 12V, the IC starts switching; when it falls below 9.3V, the IC
stops switching.
Not Connected. This pin ensures adequate creepage distance.
Drive Signal Output.
Primary Current Sense.
Pull up PRO to shut down the IC with hysteresis.
Feedback. The output voltage from the external compensation circuit is fed into this pin. This
pin and the current sense signal from Source determines the PWM duty cycle. A feedback
voltage of 3.8V triggers over-load protection, while 0.5V triggers burst-mode operation. The
regulator exits burst-mode operation and enters normal operation when the FB voltage
reaches 0.7V
HFC0310 Rev. 1.01
MPS Proprietary Information. Patent Protected. Unauthorized Photocopy and Duplication Prohibited.
© 2012 MPS. All Rights Reserved.

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HFC0310 arduino
The HFC0 310 incorp orates all t he necessa ry
features to build a reliable switch- mode powe r
supply. Its h igh level of integration r equires very
few extern al components. I t has burst-mode
operation t o minimize the st and-by powe r
consumption a t light lo ad. Pr otection fe atures—
such as a uto-recovery for over- load protection
(OLP), sho rt-circuit protection (SCP), over-voltage
protection (OVP), or th ermal shutdown ( TSD) for
over-temperature protection (OTP)—contribute to a
safer converter design with out in creasing circu it
PWM Operation
The HFC0310 is a fully integrated converter wi th
adjustable-frequency peak-current- mode control
PWM switching regulat ors. The out put voltage is
measured at FB through a resistive voltage
divider, amplifier, and optocoupler. The voltage at
the FB pin is compared to t
he internally
measured switch curre nt to contr ol the outp ut
voltage. The integrated MOSFET turns on at the
beginning of each clock cycle. The current in the
inductor increases until it reaches the value set
by the FB voltage, and then th
e integrate d
MOSFET turns off.
Start-Up and VCC UVLO
During start-up, the IC only consumes the start
up current (typically 12µA), and the current
supplied through the start-up resistor charges the
VCC capacitor.
The IC starts switching and the current increases
to 1mA whe n VCC reaches 12V. At t his point, the
transformer’s auxiliary winding po wers the IC.
When V CC f alls below 9.3V, the regulator stop s
switching a nd the current through the start up
resistor charges the VCC capacitor again.
12 V
9.3 V
Regulation Occurs Here
Auxiliary Winding Takes Charge
Figure 2: VCC UVLO
The lower threshold of VCC under-voltage lock-out
(UVLO) de creases fr om 9 .3V t o 6. 2V wh en f ault
conditions occur, such as OLP, OVP, and OTP.
To reduce stress on th e primary MOSFET and
the second ary diode during start -up and to
smoothly establish the output voltage, the
HFC0310 has an inter nal soft-star t circu it tha t
gradually in creases the primary current sense
threshold, which determines the MOSFET pea k
current during start-up. The pulse-width of the
power switching device progressiv ely increase s
to establish optimal operating conditions until the
feedback control loop takes charge.
Soft Start
Figure 3: Soft Start
HFC0310 Rev. 1.01
MPS Proprietary Information. Patent Protected. Unauthorized Photocopy and Duplication Prohibited.
© 2012 MPS. All Rights Reserved.

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