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Número de pieza M219
Descripción Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector
Fabricantes Heraeus Sensor Technology 
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Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector
M 219
M-series PRTDs are designed for large volume applications where long term stability, interchangeability and accuracy over
a large temperature range are vital. Typical applications are Automotive, Appliances, HVAC, Energy Management, Life
Science and the process industry.
Resistance R0
1000 Ohm at 0°C
Toler ance
DIN EN 60751
1 99 6- 07
Class 2B
Tole ranc e
DIN EN 60751
20 09- 05
F 0.6
Or der Number
Plastic Box
Lead Length (L)
± 1mm
32 208 728
The measuring point for the nominal resistance is defined at 6mm from the end of the sensor body.
Temperature range
Tolerance class:
Temperature coefficient
Long-term stability
Vibration resistance
Shock resistance
Environmental conditions
Insulation resistance
Self heating
Response time
Measuring current
DIN EN 60751
-70°C to +500°C (continuous operation)
(temporary use to 550°C possible)
Tolerance Class B und 2B: -70°C +500°C
Class 2B
TC = 3750 ppm/K
Pt clad Ni- wire
Recommend connection technology:
Welding, Crimping and Brazing
Max. R0-Drift 0.04% after 1000h at 500°C
at least 40g acceleration at 10 to 2000 Hz,
depending on installation
at least 100g acceleration with 8ms
half-sine-wave, depends on installation
unhoused for dry environments only
> 100 Mat 20°C
> 2 Mat 500°C
0.5 K/mW at 0°C
Water current (v= 0.4m/s):
Air stream (v= 2.0m/s):
t0,5 = 0.05s
t0,9 = 0.15s
t0,5 = 3.0s
t0,9 = 10.0s
1000: 0.1 to 0.3mA
(Self heating has to be considered)
We reserve the right to make alterations and technical data printed. All technical data serves as a guideline and does not guarantee
particular properties to any products.
Heraeus Sensor Technology USA
1901 Route 130
North Brunswick, NJ 08902
Phone 732-940-4400 Fax 732-940-4445
Name of document: 30910063 Index B
Status: 08/2010

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