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Descripción 6-channel Capacitive Touch Sensor IC
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6-channel Capacitive Touch Sensor IC
The AK4161 is a low operating voltage and low power consumption 6-channel capacitive touch sensor.
Maximum 6 input channels can be configured to LED drive or GPIO. 2 channels out of 6-channel can also
be configured to interrupt output. The AK4161 has a channel independent automatic correct function of
environmental drifts for each sense input. It reduces false detection by continuous calibration of the
internal reference value in the situation when the input capacitance of the touch switch is changed by the
external factors such as hydrothermal conditions. The automatic initial setting function sets the charge
current and charge time according to the size and the shape of a touch switch. Even more, a noise filter
and a false protection filter are integrated. The AK4161 can be configured via serial interfaces, it is
suitable for mobile phones, PCs and home electric applications.
Up to 6 capacitive sensor inputs
Up to 6 general purpose inputs/outputs with PWM control for LED
Selectable 2 interrupt outputs
Automatic initial setting function for the charge current and time
Independent automatic environmental drifts correct function for each sense
Independent threshold configuration for each sense terminal
Selectable multi touch feature
Integrated Median Averaging Filter
Data Update Stop Function for Noisy Environment
Reset Input pin
I2C Serial Interface
10 bit SAR A/D Converter with S/H circuit
Integrated Regulator
Low Power Consumption:
Typ. 4.1uA (Sampling rate=512ms, 6ch Sensor input, VDD=3.3V, N1S=20)
Typ. 177uA (Sampling rate=1ms, 6ch Sensor input, VDD=3.3V, N1S=6)
Power Down Current: Typ. 1.2uA
Low Power Operation: VDD = 1.6V ~ 3.6V
Operating Temperature: Ta = -40 ~ 85 C
Package: 16pin QFN (3mm x 3mm, pitch 0.5mm)
I2C-bus is a trademark of NXP B.V.

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AK4161 pdf
(VSS = 0V (Note 4))
max Unit
Power Supply
4.3 V
Input Current Any Pins except for supply
10 mA
GPIO Source Current per Pin
12 mA
GPIO Sink Current per Pin
1.2 mA
Input Voltage (Note 5)
VDD+0.3 or 4.3
Ambient Temperature (power applied)
Ta -40
85 C
Storage Temperature
Tstg -65
150 C
Note 4. All voltages with respect to ground.
Note 5. For SDA, SCL, AD0, RSTN, CS0/GPIO0 ~ CS5/GPIO5 pins. The maximum value is smaller value between
(VDD+0.3)V and 4.3V.
WARNING: Operation at or beyond these limits may result in permanent damage to the device.
Normal operation is not guaranteed at these extremes.
(VSS = 0V (Note 4))
Power Supply
Note 4. All voltages with respect to ground.
WARNING: AKM assumes no responsibility for the usage beyond the conditions in this datasheet.

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AK4161 arduino
These products and their specifications are subject to change without notice.
When you consider any use or application of these products, please make inquiries the sales office of Asahi Kasei
Microdevices Corporation (AKM) or authorized distributors as to current status of the products.
Descriptions of external circuits, application circuits, software and other related information contained in this
document are provided only to illustrate the operation and application examples of the semiconductor products. You
are fully responsible for the incorporation of these external circuits, application circuits, software and other related
information in the design of your equipments. AKM assumes no responsibility for any losses incurred by you or third
parties arising from the use of these information herein. AKM assumes no liability for infringement of any patent,
intellectual property, or other rights in the application or use of such information contained herein.
Any export of these products, or devices or systems containing them, may require an export license or other official
approval under the law and regulations of the country of export pertaining to customs and tariffs, currency exchange,
or strategic materials.
AKM products are neither intended nor authorized for use as critical componentsNote1) in any safety, life support, or
other hazard related device or systemNote2), and AKM assumes no responsibility for such use, except for the use
approved with the express written consent by Representative Director of AKM. As used here:
Note1) A critical component is one whose failure to function or perform may reasonably be expected to result,
whether directly or indirectly, in the loss of the safety or effectiveness of the device or system containing it, and
which must therefore meet very high standards of performance and reliability.
Note2) A hazard related device or system is one designed or intended for life support or maintenance of safety
or for applications in medicine, aerospace, nuclear energy, or other fields, in which its failure to function or
perform may reasonably be expected to result in loss of life or in significant injury or damage to person or
It is the responsibility of the buyer or distributor of AKM products, who distributes, disposes of, or otherwise places
the product with a third party, to notify such third party in advance of the above content and conditions, and the buyer
or distributor agrees to assume any and all responsibility and liability for and hold AKM harmless from any and all
claims arising from the use of said product in the absence of such notification.
Thank you for your access to AKM product information.
More detail product information is available, please contact our
sales office or authorized distributors.
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