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Número de pieza SW-460D
Descripción The Illustration of Vibration Switch
Fabricantes YUKUTO 
Logotipo YUKUTO Logotipo

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Vibration Switch
The Illustration of Vibration Switch SW-460 Series
1. The switch's electric character is approximate to the mercury switch, while no
dangers or environment problems like mercury switch, with the same function of leading
unilateralist electricity in vibrating conditions. It's easier for equipping than mercury switch.
2. Working character: the golden end is turning on point, and the argent end is turning off point,
when it's receiving the outside swaying or the golden end installed lower the lever, short time
electric leading or continuous leading state of the leader point's electric character will show,
provided it restores the turning off state, the setting surroundings must be in silent, and the argent
end angle must be installed lower the lever 10 degrees.
3. When the switch is laid on level, it may turn on easily by tender touching. While the argent end
is down toward the floor, the condition is just the opposite.
4. It is suit for little current touching on circuit, not for power switch.
5. The switch is in plastic pipe, so as to avoid dust and water.
6. SW-460D has longer time electric leading and bigger current than SW-200.
7. SW-406D length double-bead switch has the better electric leading effect.
Type A B C D E Beads num Voltage Current Leading on time Leading on resistance Turn off resistanceTemperature resisting
SW-460 12 11 12 4.7 0.6 Single 12V 2mA
>10 ohm
10M ohm
SW-460D 12 15 12 4.7 0.6 Double 12V 5mA
>10 ohm
10M ohm
YUKUTO Electronic Components Company Limited
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No.62 Tsun Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, H.K.
Website :
Tel : (852)3426-2000
Fax : (852)3426-9415
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Número de piezaDescripciónFabricantes
SW-460The Illustration of Vibration SwitchYUKUTO
SW-460DThe Illustration of Vibration SwitchYUKUTO

Número de piezaDescripciónFabricantes

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