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Número de pieza GP638
Descripción A Rugged Radio
Fabricantes Motorola Semiconductors 
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A Rugged Radio for Harsh Environments
Motorola GP628 Plus and GP638 Plus are IP67-rated*
dust-tight and water submersible
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GP638 Plus Compact & Versatile
The GP638 Plus offers a versatile two-way solution for those who require
additional features to meet their expanding communication needs. Whether you
are in the rugged environment of the surveillance industry or in rescue
operations, the GP638 Plus is the radio of your choice.
14-Character Alpha Numeric Dot Matrix display
The 14-character alpha numeric display allows immediate communication of vital
information such as PTT ID, radio strength indicator and signal strength indicator.
In addition, the user-friendly icons make the information easy to read and
understand. The keypad and display illuminations also provide the needed
visibility to operate your radio in the dark.
Received Signal Strength Indicator
An easy to read on screen display indicator notifies users of signal strength in
their vicinity.
Name & Tone Tagging
The capability of assigning 8 different ringing tones and visual caller IDs to 8
specific users/talkgroups enhances audio and visual caller identification for these
Battery Strength Indicator
Easy to read on-screen LCD display indicator alerts users on low battery strength.
128 Channels
Provides up to a maximum of 128 channels, allowing greater flexibility in
organising different work groups.
Menu Keys
The easy to navigate menu keys allow users to select the relevant functionalities
at their fingertips.
Dual Tone Multiple Frequency (DTMF) Encode
Allows users easy access to local landline telephone networks or to make a
private calls to other radio system users from one radio.
Dual Priority Scanning
Allows activity on different channels to be monitored, and 2 channels can be
designated as priority channels which are monitored more frequently.
Enhanced Signalling Features of
GP638 Plus
GP638 Plus supports the following signalling
I) MDC1200 Signalling
PTT-ID (encode/decode)
Every time the PTT button is pushed, it enables
the transmission of the callers ID and the
decoding of the senders ID.
Status/Messages (decode)
This feature enables you to replace frequently
used voice calls with status messages, saving
you valuable communication time.
Call Alert (encode/decode)
If your call to a radio has no response, the radio
will emit an alert tone until the other party takes
Voice Selective Call (encode/decode)
The radio users receive a unique individual or
group voice message with an alert to indicate
that it is a selective call.
II) Quick Call II Signalling
III) DTMF Signalling
Enhance Your Radios Capabilities
A comprehensive range of accessories is available so that the radio can be
customised to suit your needs. Using it with the proper headsets, microphones,
batteries, chargers or carrying cases can enhance your operational productivity.
Motorola's accessories are specially engineered to ensure maximum
performance of your radio, no matter what profession you are in.
Remote Speaker Microphone
IP57-Rated (Mic Head only)
1350mAH FM Lilon Battery
1400mAH Lilon Battery
Single-Unit Charger
Multi-Unit Charger
(order 6 battery inserts PMLN5010 separately,
to charge IP67 radios in Multi-unit charger)
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GP638A Rugged RadioMotorola Semiconductors
Motorola Semiconductors

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High Voltage 3 phase Motor Driver IC.


12- and 14-Bit Hybrid Synchro / Resolver-to-Digital Converters.

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