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Número de pieza MAPDCT0013
Descripción 2 Way Power Divider
Fabricantes M/A-COM 
Logotipo M/A-COM Logotipo

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2 Way 0º Power Divider
5 to 1000 MHz
Surface mount
2 Way 0 degree.
260°C reflow compatible
RoHS* compliant
Available on tape and reel.
M/A Com’s MAPDCT0013 is a 2 way 0 degree RF
power divider in a low cost, surface mount package.
Ideally suited for high volume CATV/broadband
applications. Two 0603 0.5pF capacitors and one
160resistor are required with this part.
M/A-COM Products
Released, Rev. V1
Schematic with off-chip components
Case style: SM-156
Pin configuration
1 Ground
2 External 0.5pF Capacitor to ground
3 Output 2
4 Output 1
5 External 0.5pF Capacitor to ground
6 Input
Ordering information
Unless otherwise stated dimensions are in inches [mm]
Tolerance: .xx ± .02, .xxx ± .010
Part number
Note: Pin’s 2 and 5 need to be connected together on the PCB
as shown above.
Reel quantity 2000
MAPD-007999-CT13TB Customer Test Board
* Restrictions on Hazardous Substances, European Union
Directive 2002/95/EC.
Note: Reference Application Note M513 for reel size information.
ADVANCED: Data Sheets contain information regarding a product M/A-COM Technology Solutions North America Tel: 800.366.2266 • Europe Tel: +353.21.244.6400
is considering for development. Performance is based on target specifications, simulated results,
and/or prototype measurements. Commitment to develop is not guaranteed.
PRELIMINARY: Data Sheets contain information regarding a product M/A-COM Technology
India Tel: +91.80.4155721
China Tel: +86.21.2407.1588
Visit for additional data sheets and product information.
Solutions has under development. Performance is based on engineering tests. Specifications are
typical. Mechanical outline has been fixed. Engineering samples and/or test data may be available. M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. and its affiliates reserve the right to make
Commitment to produce in volume is not guaranteed.
changes to the product(s) or information contained herein without notice.

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