PDF HMS88T4804 Data sheet ( Hoja de datos )

Número de pieza HMS88T4804
Descripción New 80C52 Based High Security Smart Card IC
Fabricantes Magna Chip 
Logotipo Magna Chip Logotipo

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New 80C52 Based High Security Smart Card IC
General Features
TurboCore : High Security 8-bit 80C52 compatible CPU
9 Multiple source vectorized interrupt system with two priority levels
9 Multiple source reset system
High reliable EEPROM for data storage
9 4KB high reliability EEPROM
9 1 to 32 bytes per a page
9 64 bytes security area (OTP : One Time Programmable)
9 Bytewise EEPROM programming and read access
9 EEPROM endurance: 300,000 cycles at 25℃
9 EEPROM data retention: min. 10 years
9 EEPROM management library (EML) with intelligent write algorithm
1MHz to 6MHz operating clock frequency range for program execution from ROM
Integrated On-Chip Memory
9 48KB User ROM : non-visible & scramble ROM code
9 256B IRAM
Integrated Peripherals
9 Interrupt module for I/O interface and peripherals
9 UART supporting ISO standard protocols T = 0 and T = 1
9 True random number generator in hardware
9 CRC module : 16 bit checksum according to ISO3309
2.7V to 5.5V extended operating voltage range
Power saving IDLE mode
Low power SLEEP mode
Pad configuration according to ISO/IEC 7816: VDD, VSS, CLK, RST and I/O1
Serial interface according to ISO/IEC 7816-3
Meets GSM 11.11 and 11.12 Specifications
High Security Smart Card IC

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HMS88T4804New 80C52 Based High Security Smart Card ICMagna Chip
Magna Chip

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High Voltage 3 phase Motor Driver IC.


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