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Número de pieza HSM226S
Descripción Silicon Schottky Barrier Diode
Fabricantes Renesas Technology 
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Silicon Schottky Barrier Diode for
High speed switching
Low reverse current, Low capacitance.
MPAK Package is suitable for high density surface mounting and high speed assembly.
Ordering Information
Type No.
Laser Mark
Package Code
Pin Arrangement
(Top View)
1. Cathode 2
2. Anode 1
3. Cathode 1
Anode 2
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HSM226S pdf
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Keep safety first in your circuit designs!
1. Renesas Technology Corp. puts the maximum effort into making semiconductor products better and more reliable, but there is always the possibility that trouble
may occur with them. Trouble with semiconductors may lead to personal injury, fire or property damage.
Remember to give due consideration to safety when making your circuit designs, with appropriate measures such as (i) placement of substitutive, auxiliary
circuits, (ii) use of nonflammable material or (iii) prevention against any malfunction or mishap.
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information before purchasing a product listed herein.
The information described here may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors.
Renesas Technology Corp. assumes no responsibility for any damage, liability, or other loss rising from these inaccuracies or errors.
Please also pay attention to information published by Renesas Technology Corp. by various means, including the Renesas Technology Corp. Semiconductor
home page (
4. When using any or all of the information contained in these materials, including product data, diagrams, charts, programs, and algorithms, please be sure to
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no responsibility for any damage, liability or other loss resulting from the information contained herein.
5. Renesas Technology Corp. semiconductors are not designed or manufactured for use in a device or system that is used under circumstances in which human life
is potentially at stake. Please contact Renesas Technology Corp. or an authorized Renesas Technology Corp. product distributor when considering the use of a
product contained herein for any specific purposes, such as apparatus or systems for transportation, vehicular, medical, aerospace, nuclear, or undersea repeater
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cannot be imported into a country other than the approved destination.
Any diversion or reexport contrary to the export control laws and regulations of Japan and/or the country of destination is prohibited.
8. Please contact Renesas Technology Corp. for further details on these materials or the products contained therein.
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