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Número de pieza AT98SC008CT
Descripción Secure ASSP
Fabricantes ATMEL Corporation 
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Single Chip Turnkey Solution
Strong Challenge-Response Authentication Using Digital Signature
Digital Signature (3DES MAC, RSA PKCS#1, ECDSA)
Encryption (3DES, RSA PKCS#1)
Message Digest (SHA-1, SHA-256)
Public Key Pair Generation (RSA including CRT or ECC)
High Speed Hardware Cryptographic Engines
– Hardware 3DES Crypto Accelerator (112-bits keys)
– Hardware 32-bit Public Key Crypto Accelerator (RSA 2048 bits, ECC 239 bits)
SecureAVR8-/16-bit RISC CPU
Internal 8K bytes EEPROM (10 years data retention, 500K cycles) with password
protected file system
Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) or UART * Interface and 1 GPIO
Hardware True Random Number Generator (RNG)
Secure Architecture Based on ATMEL secureAVR Microcontroller (AT90SC)
– To meet FIPS140-2 requirements
– To meet Common Criteria EAL5+ requirements
Operating Range 1.62V to 5.5V
Lower Power Mode
44-QFN and 8-SOIC* Packages
Based on ATMEL Smar t Card chip design exper tise and leadership. The
AT98SC008CT is a fully integrated secure solution (Hardware and Firmware)
designed for embedded systems (Servers/Routers, Peripherals, Set Top Boxes, PDAs,
This secure chip has been designed to serve anti-cloning, access control and
hardware protection applications. It provides an embedded crypto application allowing
a strong authentication, digital signature, encryption, message digest and secure
storage of user data (keys, etc.).
The AT98SC008CT includes a hardware Triple DES supporting symmetric-key
operations and a 32-bit crypto accelerator for public-key operations (RSA and Elliptic
Curves signature algorithms).
The chip comprises also a hardware Random Number Generator used to generate
on-chip public keys and challenges during authentication process.
Communication with the chip occurs through a SPI interface running up to 2 Mbps
(UART interface will be implemented in the future).
In addition to the crypto application, the chip provides a robust communication
protocol, a persistent data storage with secure memory management (access control,
anti-tearing), and an administration application to manage contents and configuration
of the chip.
State-of-the-art security features embedded in Smart Cards secure products
dedicated for Banking, ID and Pay-TV are also included in the AT98SC008CT.
Including power and frequency protection logic, logical scrambling on data and
address, power analysis countermeasures and EEPROM access control.
Note: * Introduced in future product
Secure ASSP
Note: This is a summary document. A complete document will be
available under NDA. For more information, please contact your
local Atmel sales office.

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