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Número de pieza MSM66x587
Descripción OKI Original High Performance CMOS 16-Bit Microcontroller
Fabricantes OKI electronic componets 
Logotipo OKI electronic componets Logotipo

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MSM66587 Family
OKI Original High Performance CMOS 16-Bit Microcontroller
Version 1.00, July 31, 1998
The MSM66587 Family consists of high-performance, 16-bit CMOS single-chip microcontrollers based
on Oki's own architecture. On-chip peripherals include two switchable real-time channels, one 16-bit
PWM channel, five external interrupt input channels, one serial output channel, and an 8-bit analog-to-
digital converter. The chips are ideal for system control applications controlling decoder LSIs, digital
signal processors, and host interface LSIs in equipment such as CD-ROM drives and magneto-optical
drives. Their low-profile packages and built-in pull-up resistors, programmability at bit level, contrib-
ute to the compactness of the final design. The family includes the flash ROM version MSM66Q587,
rewritable with a +5V power supply, the one-time PROM version MSM66P587, and the ROM-less
Operation temperature
Supply voltage range/
Max. int. operating frequency
Min. instruction execution time
Internal ROM size
Max. ext. ROM size
Internal RAM size
Max. ext. RAM size
I/O Ports
Serial port
A/D converter
External interrupt
Flash ROM version
OTP-ROM version
MSM66587 MSM66X587
-30 to +70°C
+4.5 to 5.5V / f=20MHz
+2.7 to 5.5V / f=10MHz
100ns @20MHz (+4.5 to 5.5V)
200ns @10MHz (+2.7 to 5.5V)
80 I/Os (40 with programmable pull-up)
16-bit free-run timer x 1
Two 16-bit real-time output channels
(Choice of real-time output or toggled real-time output.
In two-channel mode one channel can be configured as
PWM output)
One 16-bit PWM
General purpose 8-bit auto-reload timer
(suitable for counting external events)
One 8-bit auto-reload counter
(doubles as serial interface's baud rate generator)
One synchronous port
8-bit x 4 channels
non-maskable x 1, maskable x 4
MSM66Q587 (64KB Flash ROM)
MSM66P587 (64KB OTP-ROM)
100-pin TQFP (TQFP100-P-1414-0.50-K)
• CD-ROM Drives
• Magneto-Optical Drives
• Mini Disk Drives
• Floppy Disk Drives
The information contained herein is subject to change without notice due to product and / or technical improvements

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MSM66x587OKI Original High Performance CMOS 16-Bit MicrocontrollerOKI electronic componets
OKI electronic componets

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