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N01L163WC2A Función - 1Mb Ultra-Low Power Asynchronous CMOS SRAM 64Kx16 bit - NanoAmp Solutions

Número de pieza N01L163WC2A
Descripción 1Mb Ultra-Low Power Asynchronous CMOS SRAM 64Kx16 bit
Fabricantes NanoAmp Solutions 
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N01L163WC2A Hoja de datos, Descripción, Manual
NanoAmp Solutions, Inc.
1982 Zanker Road, San Jose, CA 95112
ph: 408-573-8878, FAX: 408-573-8877
1Mb Ultra-Low Power Asynchronous CMOS SRAM
64K × 16 bit
The N01L163WC2A is an integrated memory
device containing a 1 Mbit Static Random Access
Memory organized as 65,536 words by 16 bits. The
device is designed and fabricated using
NanoAmp’s advanced CMOS technology to
provide both high-speed performance and ultra-low
power. The device operates with two chip enable
(CE1 and CE2) controls and output enable (OE) to
allow for easy memory expansion. Byte controls
(UB and LB) allow the upper and lower bytes to be
accessed independently and can also be used to
deselect the device. The N01L163WC2A is optimal
for various applications where low-power is critical
such as battery backup and hand-held devices.
The device can operate over a very wide
temperature range of -40oC to +85oC and is
available in JEDEC standard packages compatible
with other standard 64Kb x 16 SRAMs
Product Family
• Single Wide Power Supply Range
2.3 to 3.6 Volts
• Very low standby current
2.0µA at 3.0V (Typical)
• Very low operating current
2.0mA at 3.0V and 1µs (Typical)
• Very low Page Mode operating current
0.8mA at 3.0V and 1µs (Typical)
• Simple memory control
Dual Chip Enables (CE1and CE2)
Byte control for independent byte operation
Output Enable (OE) for memory expansion
• Low voltage data retention
Vcc = 1.8V
• Very fast output enable access time
30ns OE access time
• Automatic power down to standby mode
• TTL compatible three-state output driver
• Compact space saving BGA package avail-
Part Number
Package Type
Current Current (Icc),
(ISB), Typical Typical
48 - BGA
44 - TSOP II
48 - BGA Pb-Free
-40oC to +85oC
2.3V - 3.6V
55ns @ 2.7V
70ns @ 2.3V
2 µA
2 mA @ 1MHz
N01L163WC2AT2 44 - TSOP II Green
(DOC# 14-02-010 REV F ECN# 01-0996)
The specifications of this device are subject to change without notice. For latest documentation see

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N01L163WC2A1Mb Ultra-Low Power Asynchronous CMOS SRAM 64Kx16 bitNanoAmp Solutions
NanoAmp Solutions

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