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Número de pieza H-CMD7073
Descripción DVD/MP3/CD Receiver
Fabricantes Hyundai 
Logotipo Hyundai Logotipo
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H-CMD7073 datasheet

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H-CMD7073 pdf
Installation method A
After inserting the holder into the dashboard, select the appropriate tab and
bend them inwards to secure the holder in place.
Insert fingers into the groove in the front of frame and remove it.
Insert the levers supplied with the unit to the grooves at both sides. The unit
can be installed or removed from the dashboard.
Installation way (method 2)
Installation using the screw holes at both sides of the unit.
1. Select a position where the screw holes of the main unit are fitted for aligned, and tighten the screws at 2 positions at
Use either truss screws (5 x 8mm) or flush surface screws (4 x 8mm), depending on the shape
of the screw holes in the bracket.
2. Screw.
3. Factory radio mounting bracket.
4. Dashboard or Console.
5. Hook (Remove this part).
Note: The mounting box, outer trim ring, and the Half-sleeve are not used for this method of

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H-CMD7073 arduino
Controls description
Front panel
1. PTY/CLK button
2. 1/LEFT/OSD button
3. MUTE button
4. 2/RIGHT/RPT button
5. TA button
6. 3/UP/INT button
7. 4/DOWN/RDM button
8. 5/STOP button
9. 6/SET/PAU button
10. IR sensor
11. OPEN button
12. Display
13. APS button
www.DataSh1e4e.t4PUO.coWmER button
15. BND/NP/SUB button
16. MODE button
17. VOL knob/SEL button
18. AF button
19. PREV/NEXT buttons

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Número de piezaDescripciónFabricantes
H-CMD7073DVD/MP3/CD ReceiverHyundai

Número de piezaDescripciónFabricantes

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Analog Devices

12- and 14-Bit Hybrid Synchro / Resolver-to-Digital Converters.

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